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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 1, 2015 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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( cheering ) ( grunts ) ( buzzer sounds ) now they're beating us on the boards out there, guys. this is your territory, grimson. do your job. grimson. hello? hi, honey. what? now? all right. ♪ the itsy-bitsy spider - ♪ climbed up the water spout... ♪ - ( giggling ) ♪ down came the rain ♪ and washed the spider out ♪ ♪ out came the sun... - shh. - ♪ and dried up all the rain ♪ ♪ and the itsy-bitsy spider - ♪ climbed up the spout again. ♪ - ( rock music playing )
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i love you, daddy. i love you too, sweetheart. - ( laughing ) - ♪ do you believe in magic ♪ ♪ in a young girl's heart? - ♪ how the music can free her... ♪ - hey, it's my girl. ♪ whenever it starts? - ♪ and it's magic... - you know, my daughter? ( announcer speaks ) a message from the foundation for a better life. but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, time lapse
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individual yoy shows the overcast skies moving across the bay area tonight after a day of showers. but don't put away that umbrella just yet because the wet weather isn't over. good evening. i'm natasha in for ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. let's take you to live doppler 7hd. right now we are looking at showers that will soak your commute. and that's to the all. there rb snow coming to the sierra. >> let's start with sandhya patel. sand yaw, you have been -- sandhya you have been tracking it all day. >> that's right. and we are going out with showers in september and beginning october on a wet note. take a look at live doppler 7hd and i will explain what i'm talking about. really we are starting to see moisture increase across parts of the monterey bay. we are seeing light to moderate rain from monterey and salinas. there is lighter returns and between la honda and san mateo we are picking up light
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moisture. what i am really keeping an eye on is just up the coastline here we are seeing some heavier returns just southwest of monterey. that does lead me to believe that there might be a possibility of thunderstorms going into tomorrow not just the morning, but the afternoon. .05 of an inch. .04 oakland and .01 in san jose, .02 in livermore. nothing in the north bay, but that will be changing. a detailed look of your time line coming up. >> let's continue the wet weather with katie who is live in redwood city. hi, katie. >> hi, dan. we experienced a pleasant evening. there is not a drop. 101 beside me is smoothing -- it is going along at a steady clip. but the chp says don't be fooled by the calm before the storm like many people were this morning. >> a beautiful sunset on the
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peninsula. the chp says they responded to more than 200 collision calls. an increase of more than 30% over a normal day. and the number of wiper blades sold at a redwood city owe reilly. >> i was concerned about her safety. >> carlos ortega says navigating the wet roadways is hazardous. it is not because of the rain, but because people don't match their speed to the split conditions in san francisco it rained enough to warrant the windshield wipers which means you have to turn on your headlights or face a ticket from the chp. >> if it is raining hard a lot of water is coming off the roadway. he says his region on the paw
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anyones -- peninsula had four injury collisions. he is gearing up for more rain tomorrow and so should you. check the tire tread and give yourself extra stop -- stoping distance on the road. >> i went to install them and they didn't quite fit. >> we can hope new wiper blades will dwet plenty of -- will get plenty of use. abc7 news. >> rain is a good reminder to prepare for what is expected to be a very wet winter. they have been inundated with calls. the business is through the roof and now they are booked out months in advance. thank you for abc7 news viewer who shared the photo of rainy downtown san francisco today and she took this video of the first rain which was short and sweet and much needed.
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take a photo or video and use the hash tag abc7 knew. abc7 news. >> we will have complete coverage on the wet weather and the morning commute. catch drew and leyla tomorrow from 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. this wet weather is not enough for people up north. more than 7,000 people in mendocino county are under tough new water rules. the city declared the highest stage water emergency today because water from the nearby river is too salty to drink. the city officials are blaming the low river flow because of the drought that persists. as a result all outdoor water is now banned. can't water outside. no car washing is allowed and restaurants must use plastic forks and spoons. people who don't follow these rules could face $500 fines and have their water cutoff.
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one more weather note joaquin is gaining strength in the atlantic. it is a category three storm and it is on track to hit the bahamas. joaquin could hit north carolina by this sunday. the city of oakland held a special meeting to discuss what many are calling a crisis. the soaring price of rental housing. in fact, it is now out pricing san francisco. abc7 news president arer alan wang -- abc7 news reporter alan wang. >> i am being forced out. >> she said she let the dilapidated unit fall apart until it was labeled uninhabitable. >> they basically wanted all of the tenants out so they can remodel and charge more rent. >> it is one of the similar stories being told on the city's affordable housing crisis. >> for many of us natives we feel like we are under attack
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in our own city. >> the median rent is $2,650 a month with 70% of a resident's income going toward housing. it will provide for long-term renter. >> uber announced it is taking over the downtown sears building. and now many fear they will be pushed out by more expensive housing for uber employees. >> we need to not just talk about the housing crisis, but we need to move forward on the housing crisis. >> with oakland's housing equity road map in motion, the council can deal with the protection for 10 thents and the plan for more -- tenants and the plan for more tenants. abc7 news. >> they are working on a mural promoting nonviolence will be memorialized.
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friends held a memorial at the scene of the murder along west street under interstate 580. the artists includes a picture of ramos. >> he spoke to a lot of people out here. a lot of people have different backgrounds. now he has to live through his art. >> the gunman exchanged words with ramos, but there was no argument. there have been no arrests so far in the case. >> we know more about the death of an inmate at the main jail on monday. abc7 news' david louie was the first to treat his autopsy results. there was no sign of foul play or acute injury. they found no definitive cause of death for this 33-year-old man. he was the second inmate to die at the jail in the past month. we are thousand less than an hour away -- we are now lhss than an hour away for retailers to change to the new
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terminals that accept credit cards with the computer chip. it adds a layer of security which makes it more difficult for hackers to get their hands on your personal information. they can accept older magnetic swipe cards, but they are now liable for fraud for those cards. also starting tomorrow, relief. an amnesty program will let drivers pay lower fines based upon their income level. governor brown has accused the california courts of gouging the low income drivers with sky rocketing fines. the am these tee program runs -- amnesty program runs through march of 2017. if you ever had to park at sfo, you have seen this number. tonight there is a new alternative, but it is getting some people in trouble. also ahead on abc fuse at 11:00 -- abc news at 11:00, a group that has seniors fighting the feds. >> and did you make it outside for a few minutes? the spectacular sunset that had people across the bay area
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